Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


We provide the MagicArt program which is customized for MAGIC machines.

It will help customers use machines easily.

It is depending on materials and working load. The tool should be changed when the quality of result is bad.
For instance, many of customers use one Diamond/Carbide tip for a half of year to a year.
And for Endmill cutters, it is really different according to the customers/proficiency/purposes.

Wood, plastic, gold, silver, copper, brass and aluminum. And only marking possible on the stainless steel.

Using a Diamond or Carbide tip is depending on customers’ own purpose.

A Diamond tip could make a more deep, clear marking on the materials and it makes the engraved area glittery. And if you need a blunt(dull) marking or mark on the glittery surface, you can use a Carbide tip.

The lifespan of Diamond tip and Carbide tip are quite long for both of them. It will be very different among the customers, but normally using one tip for about a half of a year to a year.

Our MagicArt program is compatible with three 3D programs; ArtCAM, Type3, DeskProto.
And we recommend using a Taper Ball endmill.
For further information please refer to the below page.

3D cutting cick


No, only the MiracleTouch tablet we provide.

For instance, it takes about 2’~2’ 30” to cut a Laser key.

All of car models are possible. We regularly update key data.

We have several key clamps and adapters

Clamps: Tubular key, Single-sided(Domestic) key, Dimple key, Key Marking, etc.

Adapters: Tibbe, FO19, SX9, VA2, HU66, HU162, etc.


Scribing marking has low-noise, but Dot peen has noise.

Make a nameplate image as a template in the program and save it. And you can easily type texts wherever you want.

It is depending on text size, length and marking methods.

Up to 2 point in size


We provide a program for Turbo so that customers can easily use Turbo machines.

Only cutters and spindle belts

It is depending on materials and working load. The tool should be changed when the quality of result is bad.


CNC cutting is using a cutter, so its edges and corners are rough, and it looks more powerful. And its setting is easier than the Laser.
However, have some limits to express details due to the cutters width, and might need post-work (polishing).

With Laser, you can express more details.
However, it is difficult manipulating the setting values and the materials might be burnt, but once you finished setting, it will be way easier.

With 30W, about 0.8mm metals.

With 60W, about 1.3mm.
(There will be capable cutting depth differences among the materials.)

There will be difference among the materials specifications. It is able to do black marking on Stainless steel, but some of metals are not possible.

30W and 60W are available.

Setting values are all different among the customers purposes/material properties.
Thus, use our guide setting values in the program & the manual, and change the values little by little, then find the exact values you desire.

Tested with 13*5mm Letters


  • 0.5mm thickness with 30W: 4 mins
  • 0.5mm thickness with 60W: 30 secs
  • 1mm thickness with 30W: 10 mins
  • 1mm thickness with 60W: 2 mins 30 secs
  • 2mm thickness with 60W: 9 mins

Stainless Steel:

  • 0.8mm thickness with 30W: 20-30 mins


  • 2mm thickness with 60W: 8-12 mins

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