[MIRACLE] Software, Firmware Update (3 June, 2020)

Version: S10


Firmware: 1.3.4

Software/DB: 10.3.6

Version: A9Edge


Firmware: 7.88

Software/DB: 10.3.6

Version: A9S, A9S Auto, A9P


Software/DB: 10.3.6


1. We have uploaded the Miracle-A9Edge and S10 update to the server.

Also updates for A9S, A9S Auto and A9P are available.

We are not officially announcing this update yet to double-check its stability.

After two weeks, it will be officially announced.

Before the announcement, you can give it a try,

and you can notify this to your close customers.


2. Due to a former update program bug,

the update process will show “Fail” on the black screen during decompressing the update file.

But the update is done anyway, and the next update after this will work without problem

because this update includes the bug fix also.

This update includes a firmware update for S10 and A9Edge.

After this update,

try the same update process once again to upgrade firmware of the machines.

(It’s due to the update program bug. This bug will be gone after this update)


3. The following has been changed by this update.



– When power is off, tablet program stay as it is.(not closed and re-run to change to Bluetooth mode and vise versa)

[S10] Key marking feature supported for S10 now.

– Key data added and fixed (Get the information from Setup -> Information”)

– My key data loading error fixed

– Honda Nbox key cut supported.

– Miwa JN key cutting added

– Database file size reduced for faster download from server

[S10] S10 doesn’t initialize the XY axis anymore when decoding and cutting. It initializes the axis only when power is on, operation is stopped, calibration is performed.

This will make faster operation on continuous key cutting.

– Minor improvements applied and bugs fixed.