Mini-sized Nameplate Engraver

IMP-20 is a perfect solution for engraving industrial materials. It is easy to use with acoustic noise level, neat design, compact size and provides easy manual that anyone can acess to engraving. This mini-sized engraving machine can perform scribing-marking on industrial metal plates and other various types of metal materials.


Key Features

  • Best solution for engraving name plates.
  • Minisized and can be placed in any compact places.
  • Left side of the engraver is opened for easy marking on long materials like pipes.

Common Features

  • Engraves various types of metal materials.
  • Detachable clamp available for custom order.
  • Clear and resistant marking.
  • With acoustic noise level, it promotes quiet working environment.
  • Fully automatic height and level adjustor.
  • Easy to check markings with embedded pointer light.
  • Easy and convenient engraving with provided exclusive program (MagicArt5).
  • Highly durable diamondtipped tools provided that keep the maintenance fee minimal.


Division Contents Division Contents
Size 288mm(W) x 303mm(H) x 355mm(D)
(inch 11.3(W) x 11.9(H) x 13.9(D))
Max. engraving area 130mm(X) x 116mm(Y) x 30mm(Z)
(inch 5.1X 4.6(Y) x 1.2(Z))
Resolution 0.005mm(XY) / 0.00125mm(Z) Tool Diameter 4mm
Weight 24.6Kg(54 lb) Power Consumtion 12W
Power Supply AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
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Detailed features


Multiple-purpose clamp/ pin hole

  • Most materials can be installed quick and easy with multiple-purpose clamp.
  • Variously and irregularly shaped materials can be easily placed with the pin.
  • Quick and easy to replace target materials.
imageMulti-purpose clamp.
imageName plate is fixed onto the clamp.
imageA pin to fix the material.
imageExample of using the pin to fix the material.

Detachable clamp

  • Detachable clamp, also comes with various types of clamp
    for many purposes and establishes perfect engraving environment.
imageMulti-purpose clamp table
imageFlat clamp (optional)

Laser-pointer to reassure target engraving position

  • Embedded laser-pointer makes it easier to locate and adjust the engraving spot and prevents errors.

Scribing marking

  • Highly-durable diamond tipped tools make it possible to perform scribing-marking on various types of materials.

Opened left side

  • Left side of the engraver is opened for easy marking on long materials like pipes.

product EXAMPLE



Mini-sized Nameplate Engraver

product comparison table

μŠ€νŠΈλΌμ΄λΉ™ λ§ˆν‚Ή 쑰각 타각
IMP-C1 체크
IMP-20 체크
IMP-30 체크 체크
IMP-300 체크 체크
IMP-350 체크 체크
IMP-D300 체크 체크
IMP-700 체크 체크
ν‘œλ₯Ό λ°€μ–΄λ³΄μ„Έμš”
Scribing Marking Cutting Dot Peen Marking
IMP-20 체크
IMP-300 체크 체크
IMP-700 체크 체크
IMP-C1 체크
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What’s in the box

Diamond tip(4Ø) 1EA 2.5mm wrench 1EA Power adapter 1EA Ruler 1EA
USB cable 1EA Program CD 1EA User’s manual 1EA
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