High-speed marking system with laser

Fiber Marking Laser is able to do high-speed and high-accuracy marking on various materials employing Pulsed Wave Ytterbium-doped laser with scan head. The device has been used in various fields such as automobile, electricity, electronics and others for its own high-speed and accuracy.

It is a high-end marking solution that perfectly meets customer’s needs. RED Technology Marking Laser utilizes a configuration module known for its excellent quality and performance with its long-term use of this control technology. Also, it is adaptable to various requests from different industries fields as well as assuring industrial safety standards.


Key Features

  • Built-in laser shielding window for safe device use
  • Installation and use with compact size
  • Chamber structure for user’s safety
  • Specialized laser engraving software
  • It can engrave on the ring and pen

Common Features

  • Ultra high-speed marking on various metal metals
  • Various marking types such as regular marking, black marking
    and deep marking, etc
  • Easy Guide laser enabled to check marking position
  • Easy to check and set a focus height with a dual-focus beam
  • High-accuracy scan head provides clear marking for small letters
    which is difficult to discern with the naked eye


Division Contents Division Contents
Max. engraving area 70(W)*70(D)*45(H)(mm) Resolution 0.001(mm)
Marking speed 3000mm/s Dimension 315(W)*570(D)*442(H)(mm)
Weight 34kg Operating voltage AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Blower power port AC 100~240V, 2A Power consumption <400
Cooling system Air cooling Operating temperature/humidity 15~35C˚/10~90%
Laser Type Fiber Laser/Source safety class Class 1 /Β  Class 4
Output 20W Wavelength 1064nm
Pulse width 200ns Frequency/Quality of laser beam 1~600kHz/<1.5MΒ²
Max material size 200(W)*250(D)*45(H)(mm) Pen length for Penclamp <150mm
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Detailed features


Ultra high-speed marking on various metal metals

  • High-quality marking on various metal materials such as jewelry, accessory, nameplate etc in an ultra-fast and accurate fashion.
  • Various marking types: Regular marking, Black marking and deep marking etc.
  • Selectable power (output) depending on the purposes.

Supports Pen marking

  • Provides an exclusive clamp for marking pens.
  • Easy marking with an exclusive clamp.

Engraving small letters

  • High-accuracy scan head provides clear marking for small letters in 0.5mm size which is difficult to discern with the naked eye.

Fast and easy focus setup

  • Easy to check and set a focus height with a dual-focus pointer

Automatic serial number marking

  • Repetitive marking such as serial number is automated to minimize user interference.
  • Automatic change of serial number with just an engraving button.

L type clamp to use easier

  • Just put down a material and start engraving without fixation.

Specialized laser engraving software

  • Intuitive interface provides easy-to-learn, dedicated software that provides automation to simplify marking of various formats
  • Easy to make texts, images, logos and barcodes.
  • Supports dxf, svg file extension.

Easy installation and use with compact size

  • Minimizes installation space by designing compact size that can be placed on table.
  • The weight is devices lighter than the general laser engraver and makes transfer easier as well.

Direct control of Blower power

  • Provides a power switch to control the power of the blower directly from the device
  • Resolves the inconvenience of turning the power of the blower off and on every time

QR Code engraving system

  • Offers various types of marking formats for barcode such as 1D barcode, 2D Data Matrix, QR Code.

Intuitive height adjustment

  • Adopt manual height adjustment method
  • Easy and intuitive focus setting with focus pointer

product EXAMPLE



High-speed marking system with laser

product comparison table

λ ˆμ΄μ € λ§ˆν‚Ή μ»·νŒ…
L100 체크 체크 (30W)
CL50 체크(인μž₯쑰각)
L100T 체크
L200 체크 체크
L50 체크
FL1000 체크 체크 (30W)
FTL1000 체크 체크 (30W)
ν‘œλ₯Ό λ°€μ–΄λ³΄μ„Έμš”
Laser marking Cutting
L100 체크 체크 (30W)
L200 체크 체크
L50 체크
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What’s in the box

Power Cable 1EA USB Cable 1EA Program Installation USX 1EA User Manual 1EA
Clamp 1SET Clamp Bolt
4EA L-wrench(4mm) 1EA L-wrench(2mm) 1EA
MagicArt Program
Unlock USB
1EA Ruler 1EA Clamp Pin(6Ø) 2EA Blower 1EA
Blower Horse
2EA Hose clamp
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