Nameplate Cutting Machine

Magic-F350 is a specialized machine for metal cutting which includes cutting oil circulator. It is capable of engraving letters and patterns on jewelry & metal materials. Its upgraded speed and cutting oil make it possible to complete the work without noise and time-wasting. Specialized cutting clamp for F350 and cutting oil could also contribute to your better result by filtering chips and prolonging the tool’s life.


Key Features

  • Specialized machine for Metal & Nameplate cutting
  • Clean cutting-section and shortened post-processing
  • Automated cutting oil circulator equipped
  • Improved Cutting speed and power with BLDC motor
  • Has function to filter the chips
  • Prolonged tool’s life
  • Specialized cutting clamp for F350
  • It carves wax, chemical wood etc. in 3D

Common Features

  • It engraves on plastic and most metals such as gold, silver, copper, stainless steel, etc.
  • It engraves symbols, patterns, and all sort of marks.
  • It cuts wood, plastic, acrylic and most metals.
  • Engraving with a diamond tool leaves the engraved surface smooth
  • It fastens most material without changing the clamp.
  • The depth of engraving is deep enough to be indelible
  • It engraves on curved surfaces.
  • It’s a very quiet engraving machine that can be used anywhere.
  • Capable of setting the location easily with laser pointer
  • The clamp structure is easily capable of handling optional clamps as necessary.
  • MagicART program included
  • Replaceable Clamps are optional
Nameplate Cutting Machine MAGIC-F350

A cutting clamp for
nameplate necklaces

Nameplate Cutting Machine MAGIC-F350

Collet & Nut type tool

Nameplate Cutting Machine MAGIC-F350

Automated Cutting oil Circulator


Division Contents Division Contents
Size 470mm(W) x 375mm(H) x 455mm(D)
(inch 18.5(W) x 14.8(H) x 17.9(D))
Max. engraving area 220mm(X) x 100mm(Y) x 38.5mm(Z)
(inch 8.7(X) x 3.9(Y) x 1.5(Z))
Resolution 0.005mm(XY) / 0.00125mm(Z) Max. cutting area
Weight 38.5Kg(85 lb) Spindle Revolution 20,000RPM
Spindle Motor Power 70W Power Consumption 120W
Power Supply AC 100~240V 50/60Hz Tool Diameter 4mm
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product EXAMPLE



Name Necklace Cutting


팬던트 λ§ˆν‚Ή λ°˜μ§€ λ‚΄μ™Έκ²½ λ±…κΈ€ λ‚΄κ²½ λ±…κΈ€ μ™Έκ²½ μ΄λ‹ˆμ…œ μ»·νŒ… 펜 λ§ˆν‚Ή 3D Wax νƒœλΈ”λ¦Ώ ν˜Έν™˜ λΈ”λ£¨νˆ¬μŠ€
Magic-1S chk 무선 chk
Magic-2S chk 무선 chk
Magic-5S chk chk chk 무선 chk
Magic-10 chk chk chk chk chk USB
Magic-50 chk chk chk chk chk USB
Magic-70 chk chk chk chk chk chk chk USB
Magic-F350 chk chk chk chk USB
ν‘œλ₯Ό λ°€μ–΄λ³΄μ„Έμš”
Pendant engraving Inner & outer diameter engraving of ring Inner diameter engraving of bangle Outer diameter engraving of bangle Cutting Pen engraving 3D carving Tablet PC connection Bluetooth
Magic-1S chk Bluetooth chk
Magic-2S chk Bluetooth chk
Magic-5S chk chk chk Bluetooth chk
Magic-10 chk chk chk chk chk USB
Magic-20 chk USB
Magic-30 chk chk USB
Magic-50 chk chk chk chk chk USB
Magic-70 chk chk chk chk chk chk chk USB
Magic-F300P chk chk chk chk USB
Magic-F350 chk chk chk chk USB

* Magic-F30P. F300P, F350 support pen engraving horizontally. (Don't support rotation engraving)
* Magic-F300P, F350 support 3D carving. (Don't support roatation 3D carving)
* MagicTouch supports only engraving. (Doesn't support cutting)

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What’s in the box

Diamond tip(4Ø) 1EA Carbide tip(4Ø) 1EA Endmill cutter
(4Ø, 0.6mm)
2EA L- wrench
(2.5, 4, 5 mm)
3EA Spanner 1Set
Ruler 1EA Clamp set 1SET Push bolt 4EA Clamp bolt 1SET Multi purpose Clamp
Spindle belt
6EA Power adapter 1EA USB cable 1EA Program USB 1EA User’s Manual 1EA
Coolant circulator 1SET Cutting clamp 1SET
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