Stamp Engraver

Stamp engraving machine is a most cost-effective solution for high-quality stamp making.
It engraves a normal stamp in about 2~5 minutes with a powerful 18,000RPM DC motor ensuring fast on-the-spot service.
This machine doesn’t produce any toxic smoke containing dioxins which are extremely harmful to the human body.
It requires just a small space to install, so it’s also good for small shop. Its automatic tool length sensor and automatic plate thickness sensor dramatically simplifies the machine use making it possible for anybody to use the machine with just very basic instructions.


Key Features

  • Powerfull DC motor with 11,000~16,000RPM
  • Larger Engraving Area up to 200mm x 120mm
  • 2 to 5 minutes completion time for a normal stamp engraving
  • Possible to engrave Seal and Stone stamps

Common Features

  • Engraves stamps
  • Ensures very easy tool change with automatic cutter length sensor
  • Ensures very easy engraving with automatic plate thickness sensor
  • Requires very small space to install with small foot print
  • Comes with very easy to use stamp designing software
  • Most cost effective machine for rubber stamp making
인μž₯+고무인(λ³΄κΈ‰ν˜• 인μž₯ 쑰각기) TURBO-9

Stamp Clamp

인μž₯+고무인(λ³΄κΈ‰ν˜• 인μž₯ 쑰각기) TURBO-9

Bakelate Plate Carving

인μž₯+고무인(λ³΄κΈ‰ν˜• 인μž₯ 쑰각기) TURBO-9

RPM Controller


Larger Graphic LCD Screen


Division Contents Division Contents
Size 402mm(W) x 322mm(H) x 321.5mm(D)
(inch 15.8(W) x 12.7(H) x 12.6(D))
Working Area 200mm(W) x 120mm(D)
(inch 7.9(W) x 4.7(D))
Resolution 5080DPI Tool Diameter 3mm
Weight 23.2Kg (51 lb) Spindle RPM 11,000~16,000 RPM
Spindle Revolution 27W Power Consumption 40W
Power Supply AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
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Acrylic parking license plate engraving

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