소프트웨어 업데이트 정보

CodeMaster3 UpdateSoftware version: 10.4.3
Key database version: 10.4.3
Date: 18 November 2020

  • Software/Database version 10.4.3 released
  • New version release is notified on the main screen
  • Selective update by code added
  • [HU162] bitting number of Axis C is automatically entered with bitting reversed from Axis B
  • [HU162] tip cutting shape of Axis A changed
  • Tubular keys are grouped by pins under “All Tubulars”
  • Various screen resolution of tablet PC, laptop and computer supported
  • Dimple key display error with a specific screen resolution fixed
  • HU83(IC 1286) cutting from the 4th stopper position supported (펌웨어수정. S10에만 해당)
  • “Manual set” error on the Calibration screen with S10 fixed
  • Chinese vehicles appear when the language is changed to Chinese
  • First alphabet button press error on the Search screen fixed
  • Program freeze while cutting FO21 or similar fixed
  • Minor bugs fixed

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